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Residential Fire Sprinklers

Designed to provide superior protection with aesthetic appeal, the full line of RAPID RESPONSE fire sprinklers offers builder and homeowners maximum flexibility. Choose from several styles, including recessed pendent, domed concealed, flat-plate concealed, flush, dry and attic.

Recessed Pendent

RAPID RESPONSE recessed pendent sprinklers are fast-response bulb sprinklers designed for use in residential occupancies such as homes, apartments, dormitories, and hotels.

Domed Concealed Sprinklers

Domed Concealed

RAPID RESPONSE domed concealed sprinklers are pendent-type bulb sprinklers that include a domed cover plate. The goal of these sprinklers is to conceal the operating components above the ceiling for those who desire a cleaner look than offered by traditional recessed pendents.

Flat-Plate Concealed

Flat-Plate Concealed

RAPID RESPONSE flat-plate concealed sprinklers are designed for maximum aesthetic appeal. They are the product of choice for minimizing the appearance of the sprinkler through ceilings, without sacrificing performance.

Side Wall Sprinkler


RAPID RESPONSE sidewall sprinklers are often the product of choice when it’s difficult to access the ceiling or where freezing is a potential issue. Additionally, sidewall sprinklers can provide cost savings in certain situations where it is not economical to run piping across a room.

Flush Sprinkler


RAPID RESPONSE flush sprinklers are fusible solder sprinklers designed to improve aesthetics over traditional recessed pendents. These sprinklers offer an alternative to domed and flat-plate concealed sprinklers based on the preferences of the homeowner and builder.

Dry Type Sprinkler


RAPID RESPONSE dry-type sprinklers are the industry’s only dry-type sprinklers designed specifically for use in residential systems. They can be installed in wet pipe, dry pipe, or preaction systems, providing the ideal solution when freezing is a concern.

Attic Sprinklers


Tyco attic sprinklers allow you to more effectively protect the entire attic space, often using as little as a single line of piping.  These sprinklers help reduce the cost of materials and decrease installation time.