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CPVC Pipe & Fittings

Resistant to rust, scale and foreign contaminant build-up, CPVC pipe and fittings offer superior flow characteristics for increased hydraulic capabilities. They’re easily transported, handled and modified on-site, and can be connected to copper and steel piping. They exceed ASTM standards and include our ten-year limited warranty. 

CPVC Fittings

RAPID RESPONSE CPVC fittings are the industries most complete line of products, specifically designed for fire protection.


Produced from BlazeMaster® thermoplastic compound, RAPID RESPONSE CPVC pipe is designed exclusively for use in wet and dry pipe automatic fire sprinkler systems.

CPVC Hangers

Tyco offers a full-line of RAPID RESPONSE pipe hangers designed especially for use with CPVC Products.

CPVC Installation Equipment

Customers have access to a wide array of RAPID RESPONSE CPVC installation equipment.